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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO Optimization

Off-page SEO refers specifically to actions performed outside of your own site to affect the rankings of your website within search engine result webpages (SERPs). If you’re looking to rank your website on Google and boost your company’s visibility, and organic search traffic. We will explore off-page SEO in-depth and help you understand the basics of it and why it is important, and what strategies that you must employ if you are looking to be ranked on Google and increase traffic to your website.

Why do you need off-page SEO?

Google takes into consideration many factors when making a decision on a website or page and off-page is just one of the factors. It’s difficult to rank purely on content. This is why off-page or link building plays a significant role. It is a method that communicates to Google what other users think of your website. That is the reason the presence of links from quality and relevant websites becomes crucial.

These links are of two types:

  • Do-follow Links &
  • No-Follow Links

A. Do-Follow Links:

Do-follow links are standard link types that permit Google spiders or bots to transfer link juice or other value to the webpage or link which links to. The most efficient method of using do-follow links is to use an appropriate keyword in an anchor text. Google examines the amount of do-follow links that you send for your site as well as the number of domains it gets from. The more do-follow links coming from many related domains the greater the value being transferred.

This is how does a do-follow hyperlink look like:

<a href=””>Bruce Screen Service</a>

B. No-Follow Links:

A no-follow link type signifies that Google spiders or bots will not be able to follow these hyperlinks. They will not pass any link juice or other value to the webpage to which the link is linked. Because no link juice has been transferred, no-follow links will not be able to influence rankings. No-Follow links were introduced to prevent internet spam.

This is what no-follow links look like:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Bruce Screen Service</a>

Below are some of the off-page SEO factors to consider:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Relevance
  3. Site Traffic
  4. Link Type

There are off-site SEO strategies you can employ to ensure that your website is given the greatest opportunity to boost its authority as a domain and, ultimately, to rank higher on the SERPs.

Top Off-Page SEO Techniques:

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Web 2.0 Submission
  4. Infographic Submission / Image Submission
  5. Classified Submission
  6. Business Citation / Profile Submission
  7. Press Release
  8. PDF Submission
  9. Article Submission
  10. Guest Posting Submission


1. Social Bookmarking :

Social bookmarking websites help users to locate websites and can help in generating backlinks to your site. If you bookmark your site more often on social bookmarking sites, in turn, you will receive backlinks from every website. This will result in a better page rank for your website or site.

When you use Social Bookmarking, you save the website online instead of copying the URL into the form of a notepad or a document. Social Bookmarking helps users to keep track of the most valuable content they discover on the internet in a specific location to make it easy to find.

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2. Directory Submission

Directory submission, which is a fundamental element of Off-page optimization aids in search engine optimization. Directory submissions also increase traffic to your website and gain high-quality, non-follow backlinks. Directory submissions can help improve your page’s ranking by establishing authoritative backlinks. For those who are just beginning to blog need to submit their blog’s URL to directories. You will witness a rise in the rank of your blog or website by submitting your URL to directories on the internet.

Advantage of Directory Submission

  • Create Backlink for Website
  • Improve Keyword Ranking
  • Increase Domain Authority
  • The popularity of Your Business website and so on.
  • It is recommended to always post on the top PR Directory site.

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3. Web 2.0 Submission: 

The Web 2.0 Submission allows users to use the benefits that allow sharing, social networking, and grouping. It gives high-quality DoFollow backlinks which are highly rated by search engines. Similar to other websites, it’s also an excellent practice to use off-page optimizations to increase the visibility of our site’s ranking on the search results page and create a substantial impact on your niche.

Web 2.0 is an excellent method to create a relevant link to your subject. It also allows you to diversify the anchor text.

Advantages of web 2.0:

  • Anytime and at any time, from anywhere.
  • A variety of media.
  • Easy to use.
  • Learners can actively participate in the process of building knowledge.
  • can create vibrant learning communities.
  • Everyone is a creator and editor. Each edit done can be tracked.
  • User-friendly.
  • Updates on the wiki are instantaneous and provide more resources for researchers.
  • It allows for real-time discussions.

We are sharing detailed information about web 2.0 submission which will help you to improve ranking and visibility. Read more information HERE

4. Infographic Submission / Image Submission:

Why are infographics important for SEO?

Content that includes images or graphics will get nine times more viewers as compared to content that does not contain. In addition, if you put an infographic with a link and you include a link on the infographic, you will be able to bring more people back to your site by increasing the number of backlinks.

Effective infographics deliver a lot of information and facts in a small area. They collect the most crucial data and figures and then present the information in a relevant way.

Infographics do more than inform the public about your company. They show your worth and expertise in a meaningful way.

Importance of Image Submission:

Images by themselves may not be beneficial for your site, but when used in the right way they can be as valuable as content and can help your personal or professional website grow in terms of rankings. If you upload images to some websites, it may assist your site in gaining more exposure online. Visitors to websites who are interested in images typically conduct an image search. They prefer to browse websites for image submissions to find more appealing and relevant photos.

Submission of images is a fantastic method to increase the visibility of your website especially if your website or business is fairly new. If your website is lacking information and has more high-quality images, uploading them to websites can increase your website’s online authority on domains.

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5. Classified Submission

If you make an advertisement on classified websites, the only thing you receive is organic results. People will search for you and then contact you to inquire about your services and products that result in increased sales and higher profits. This also improves your SEO and makes your site rank higher in results of a search.

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6. Business Citation / Profile Submission

What is the Business or local citation?

Citations are a reference online to a company that includes the name of the business address, address, and phone or contact numbers (NAP). Citations are an essential ranking factor in Local SEO. Listing on an online directory Google considers trustworthy increases the credibility of the company. The quality of the listings, as well as the accuracy of the details provided, as well as your directory’s quality all, contribute to Google’s perception of your website’s presence. Search Engine Optimization and local citations work in tandem, which is why it’s essential to select your directories with care rather than publishing yourself everywhere.

Profile Creation in SEO:

Profile creation websites aid in increasing the off-page SEO of your website and, eventually, improving your website’s indexing by search engines. Profile creation is the best method to increase your rank and traffic. To improve your index, you must follow these steps

  1. Add relevant description
  2. The description should be spun correctly to make it unique to google eye
    Complete all the information
  3. Add the full address, location, and location.
  4. Make sure to use your brand name as a username
    Use images, videos, etc.

Always try to create a do-follow business citation and profile backlinks

7. Press Release:

Press release submission involves the writing of press releases about products, events, or services of a company and sending them to PR websites. It’s an off-page SEO method that aids in promoting your company’s events, products, or services on the internet to increase the search engine optimization of your website. Press releases should be SEO-friendly, truthful and informative so that they will attract the attention of people who read them. Additionally, it is a good idea to use it to communicate newsworthy information to the users you want to reach.

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8. PDF Submission:

Submission of PDF can be described as an off-page SEO method which is among the most powerful methods of backlinking. It aids in submitting your PDF to various websites and getting the most exposure for your site. The PDF files can be optimized to get better rankings on the result pages of search engines.

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9. Article Submission:

Article submission is an off-page optimization process. It involves attracting traffic through the submission of SEO-optimized articles to the most popular directories of article submission. It’s a long-term SEO practice that helps to increase the number of backlinks and improve the page rank of your blog or website.

You can take into consideration the following tips to write good quality content:

  • The article must be original and instructive.
  • Include keywords within the article, but not to the point of keyword over-stuffing.
  • The article should be of the ideal length of between 500-700 words.
  • Titles should be distinctive and should contain the primary keyword so that the crawlers are able to easily recognize as well as index the page.
  • Write short paragraphs, and include bullets and subheadings to make your writing more attractive.

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10. Guest Posting Submission:

Guest blogging is among the most efficient, powerful, and widely used strategies for creating quality relationships with your followers. It helps you build professional relationships and uncover potential business partners. It creates the value of your brand and establishes credible links that are essential for your business.

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Both on-page and off-page SEO factors are equally important. Both should be done in order to achieve successful SEO optimization. It was easy to rank sites by creating spammy links, but it is much more difficult after the panda and penguin updates. Quality links require a lot of effort to create. Both of these factors are interrelated. Therefore, it is equally important to make off-page factors as important as that on-page.

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